4.4. Charity & Sponsorship

NCSP Group believes social responsibility is essential to the development of its business. The Group works to promote the social and economic development of the region, foster a favorable business climate and support the social welfare of its employees, as well as the residents of regions where it operates.

NCSP Group’s charity work and sponsorship programs focus on the younger generation and efforts to improve people’s living standards, including aid to disadvantaged groups, municipal, educational and healthcare institutions and community organizations.

PJSC NCSP spent more than $2.7 million on charitable programs in 2012.

PJSC NCSP has also traditionally provided support to the annual Morskoi Uzel internationally televised festival for young performers. In 2012 PJSC NCSP has also increased support of social projects by Novorossiysk City Administration under mutual agreement on social and economic development of Novorossiysk. PJSC NCSP has provided individual charity donations to families that suffered from the flooding in the cities of Krymsk and Gelendzhik in amount of some $273 thousand, and donated some $160 thousand to various organizations to finance the disaster remedy actions after the flooding.

PJSC NCSP has traditionally been involved in exhibitions, forums and conferences in the area of marine transport and provides sponsorship support for them. Such events include:

  • The TransRussia international exhibition and conference on freight traffic, transport and logistics
  • The Sochi International Investment Forum
  • The Transport Russia international transportation forum and exhibition
  • The YugTrans international transportation forum

Table: Charitable activity*

Company Activity ‘000 USD ‘000 USD, total
PJSC NCSP Krasnodar Regional Charity Foundation Albatros 257.4 2,340.8
Krasondar Regional Charity Foundation for creative education support «Port Workers Club» 381.1
Charitable donations to Novorossiysk pubic administration 823.1
Charitable Donations to Transportation Police Office 67.3
Sea Knot arts festival 164.6
Other charity 647.3
OJSC IPP Financial aid to pensioners and veterans 11.5 21.4
Donations to city administration 2.8
Sports organizations and youth sports schools (including sailing, volleyball and others) 2.4
Aid to healthcare institutions, for medical treatment and shelters 2.8
Contributions to children’s centres, kindergartens and educational institutions 1.4
Russian Orthodox Church, churches 0.2
Aid to military unit, Navy veterans 0.3
PJSC NCSP Fleet Aid to Veterans Council 18.2 76.9
Organization of celebrations for Marine Fleet Workers Day 32.9
Sports organizations and youth sports schools (including sailing and others) 25.8
CJSC SFP Aid to municipal Centre for Afterschool Education and the Sailing Sports Federation of Leningrad Region 118.9 140.9
Russian Orthodox Church, Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker 10.5
State Educational Institution Orphanage No. 53 8.2
Other (Primorsk city administration) 3.2
LLC PTP Aid to veterans 9.4 134.8
Aid to disadvantaged groups 27.7
Children and sport (aid to educational institutions) 68.9
Religion and culture (aid to Russian Orthodox Church) 24.8
Other 4.0
OJSC NSRZ Donation to Novorossiysk mayoral candidate Vladimir Sinyagovsky, nominated by local chapter of United Russia Party 7.2 10.5
Aid to Novorossiysk hospital FGBUZ YuMTs FMBA Rossii 1.0
New Year gifts to Novorossiysk Border Control Unit 0.8
Interior paint for Chernomorets Football Club 0.2
New Year gifts for Akhtyrsky Orphanage 0.7
New Year gifts for Novorossiysk hospital FGBUZ YuMTs FMBA Rossii 0.6
PJSC NGT Medical treatment for relative of employee suffering from rare disease 3.3 32.9
Celebration of Marine and River Fleet Workers Day 29.6

* Data not IFRS indicators, or cited according to management reporting

Novorossiysk-Krymsk: Direct Aid

The flloding in the city of Krymsk on JUly 6-7 2012 has turned a real tragedy for Krasnodar region, that took many lives. Hundreds of families lost everything, including the roofs over their heads. Emergency Ministry workers, firefighters and soldiers sifted through the wreckage and pumped water out of courtyards and basements. Novorossiysk, where the memory of the terrible flood of 2002 is still fresh, was among the first to respond.

Volunteers, at their own peril, rushed to help the victims as soon as they heard about the disaster in Krymsk. People hired trucks, purchased and collected humanitarian goods and sent aid in any way they could to the devastated city and surrounding villages.

A group of off-road enthusiasts drove to Krymsk in their own vehicles to help emergency workers and local residents. NCSP employees also joined the team of volunteers. Workers at NCSP companies, on their own initiative, began collecting money to help the victims and quickly collected more than 150,000 rubles. Everyone contributed, from directors to entry-level employees. The money was used to buy medicine, personal hygiene products and children’s goods, and several trucks of humanitarian aid from NCSP employees were sent to Krymsk on July 9th and 10th.

NCSP management decided to provide assistance to the families of those who perished, as well as to the city of Novorossiysk. NCSP Group gave every family that lost someone in the flood 50,000 rubles and donated 5 million rubles to the Novorossiysk city administration to help finance the flood cleanup effort.

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