4.3. Environment

NCSP Group is committed to protecting the environment and minimizing the environmental impact of its operations. To meet its obligations in environmental stewardship, the Group strives to adhere to ISO 14001:2004 principles and standards. The Group takes a range of measures to maintain the ecological balance in the waters of Novorossiysk Port and the environs of the city of Novorossiysk, and to reduce the negative impact of its operations. The Group has an environmental management system, and has set up an operations monitoring department that includes an environmental service. Specialized laboratories at Group companies regularly monitor emissions and the release of pollutants, and conduct seasonal studies of levels of air, water and noise pollution. NCSP Group’s operations are specifically associated with the possibility of emergencies. Thus the Group annually carries out tactical emergency response exercises. Managers and specialists of the Group’s companies are regularly trained and certified in environmental safety management.

Material environmental disputes

Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources in the North-West Federal District (Department) during the period from 18.07.2012 till 07.08.2012 carried an audit of LLC PTP compliance with the requirements of environmental protection legislation regarding the protection of atmospheric air.

The audit findings claimed that LLC PTP was conduction operations inconsistent with the expert conclusion of the State Environmental Expertise. Specifically oil berths number 3 and 4 are not equipped there with oil vapors capture units for aspiration and disposal of oil vapors during loading of oil tankers.

According to the results of an administrative investigation the Department issued an administrative liability order dated 21.11.2012, and imposed a fine on LLC PTP in the amount of $ 100 000. LLC PTP was also issued a representation dated 27.11.2012 requiring the latter to eliminate the causes and conditions that constituted an administrative violation.

LLC PTP applied to the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region with the claim to invalidate and annul the Department’s order dated 21.11.2012 and the representation dated 27.11.2012 on elimination of the causes and conditions that constituted an administrative violation.

The ruling of the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region dated 05.03.2013 cancelled the Department’s order dated 21.11.2012 and invalidated the representation dated 27.11.2012 on elimination of the causes and conditions that constituted an administrative violation.

Environmental protection measures in 2012

  • Sorption agent charge replaced at treatment facilities
  • Maintenance done to rotary air pumps and sewage pumps at treatment facilities
  • Regular laboratory control of waste waters executed
  • Regular sewage cleaning
  • Regular cleaning and replacement of filters in dust and gas removal cyclones
  • Public hearings regarding a part of Sheskharis oil terminal reconstruction project held, awaiting state environmental expertise conclusion
  • Biodiversity monitoring of Tsemes Bay conducted
  • Technical report on cataloguing of pollution and emission sources and project for emission allowances produced; permit for air emissions obtained
  • Industrial environmental monitoring of air quality, and lab monitoring of harmful contaminants in all runoff water
  • Quarterly cleanup of Black Sea waters under contract with NCSP Fleet
  • Constant preparedness for cleanup of spills of oil products into the sea under a contract with state emergency response enterprise FGUP BASU
  • Treatment facilities launched in 2012 in areas 5 and 7, construction started on treatment facilities in area 2 (scheduled for completion in 2013)
  • Major repairs done on boiler equipment
  • Activated carbon charge acquired and charge replaced in filters of runoff treatment facilities
  • Maintenance and current repairs on water utility networks and treatment facilities
  • Lab monitoring of storm water treatment facilities and disposal of storm water into sewer according to lab monitoring schedule, and lab monitoring of harmful emissions
  • Lab monitoring of sanitary buffer zone according to approved schedule for lab tests in buffer zone
  • Acquisition of HAKO-Jonas 1900D vacuum sweeper for terminal cleanup
  • Environmental monitoring of air quality, operation of treatment facilities, the Tsemes River and ground water
  • Processing of hazardous waste
  • Maintenance of oil separators, treatment facilities and storm drainage
  • Maintenance of automobile fleet, production equipment, diesel fuel pumps, and equipment for heating and draining fuel oil to prevent leaks from transhipment equipment
  • Epidemiological testing of drinking, technical, and waste waters, as well as sea water was carried out.
  • Installed new technical water intake metering unit.
  • Sewerage system was cleaned.
  • Repairs on hydrotechnical installations were carried out.
  • Repairs on the industrial site sewer system were carried out.
  • Carried out staff training in environmental safety.
  • Developed measures to reduce harmful air emissions content during adverse weather conditions.
  • Conducted monitoring and validation of data on water and air emissions accounting, and on accumulation and temporary storage of waste.
  • Hazardous waste disposals were carried out.
  • Monitored of the condition waste accumulation and storage sites; of the technical condition of biological sewage treatment plants; of water treatment quality and of pollutants content in waste waters.
  • Monitored emission of air pollutants at the company’s industrial site and in the buffer zone.
  • Monitored dust removal equipment effectiveness.
  • Processing of hazardous waste
  • Monitoring of waste dumps, technical condition of treatment facilities, quality of treatment and pollution levels in storm water runoff, as well as the condition of storm water drainage
  • Maintenance of required safe sanitation conditions at waste dumps
  • Technical maintenance and servicing of treatment facilities and storm drainage
  • Support and improvement of environmental management system that provides reliable and precise data on environmental protection
  • Emergency response personnel held 358 training exercises and four comprehensive drills on cleaning up accidental oil spills with the participation of regulatory bodies
  • Energy performance certificate developed for consumption of fuel and energy resources
  • Evaluation conducted of workplaces in administration and on ships
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