4.2. Procurement Policy

NCSP Group works with many contractors who perform various types of work and provide various services in the course of the Group’s operations and as it implements investment projects. The Group works with these companies on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Group has developed a system to standardize its approach to the organization of projects, selection of contractors, and the preparation and signing of contracts with them.

The Group holds tenders for construction, engineering, planning and surveying, and supply contracts for materials and equipment.

The tenders define the methods and procedures for selecting a contractor depending on the nature of the work or services and the size of the contract.

For contracts exceeding 3 million rubles, the Tender Committee is joined in the tender proceedings by experts appointed by the Board of Directors, together with specialists from the Internal Control Service and the Economics Department, who together review the financial standing of the bidding companies. External organizations may also be contracted to provide independent technical oversight.

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